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A Cheeky Little Hand/Foot Exercise

DrumsPosted by Julian Rudall Thu, October 08, 2015 13:16:26
Here is a cheeky little hand/foot triplet exercise that you can do pretty much anywhere!!

First time through, use your right foot. Second time through use you left foot. And, let's go wild, third time and fourth times through use both feet and one hand (ie, RF,LF,RH; RF,LF,LH) - and if there are any other combinations that you come up with, then great.

Here it is then - Have fun!!!

R = Right Hand

L = Left Hand

F = Right Foot

a. RLF

b. LRF

a. FRL

b. FLR

a. RFL

b. LFR

a. RRF

b. LLF

a. FRR

b. FLL

a. FFR

b. FFL

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